Curtain Up

In All That Jazz, Bob Fosse’s semiautobiographical movie musical, the main character is a brilliant though self-destructive director/choreographer played by Roy Scheider. As he faces himself in the mirror every morning, pulling himself together after a night of hard living, he forces a grin and says to himself, “It’s show time!”

Those words are iconic for everyone who loves theater—especially after the house lights dim and just before the stage light come up.

I have my own version. On countless occasions in that anticipatory, in-between-life-and-art moment, I have whispered  “It’s magic time” to my theatergoing companion (and, of course, to myself).

In this blog—which I’ve named after that excited interjection—I plan to recapture some of my experiences that have come just afterward.

Call it a fan’s notes in magic time.